The Eminent Interior Design Story

At Eminent Interior Design in Minneapolis, MN, we create homes.

This means we are there with you every step of the way, from lighting plans to space planning to furnishings. Eminent Interior Design takes a holistic look at your project and our talented staff works with structural engineers, architects, and whoever else is needed to make your dream a reality. We understand that any designing or remodeling of your home requires a significant investment of both time and money. Our process is extremely collaborative from the beginning, with you as an equal partner to assure adherence to your budget and vision.

What We Do

We believe in two things above all:
Aesthetics – enhancing beauty, personality and artistry
Usability – making spaces more practical, effortless and easy

Our role is to make life in your home easy, enjoyable, and as satisfying as possible. We think deeply about the granular details of daily living, as well as your family’s individual and collective needs.

Whether we’re considering traffic patterns, dining room furnishings or storage spaces, our focus is always making your home a simultaneously practical and beautiful place to live. We are experts at turning a multitude of design complexities into simple outcomes that both you and your home will love.

Our Team

Brandi Hagen - Interior Designer
    Brandi Hagen
    Principal Designer/Owner
    Katie Ruhberg
      Katie Ruhberg
      Senior Designer
      Lisa Ball - Interior Designer - Eminent Interior Design
        Lisa Ball
        Design Associate
        Jill Walbridge - Design Associate
          Jill Walbridge
          Design Associate
            Sophia Carlson
            Design Associate
            Marie Brown - Design Associate
              Marie Brown
              Design Associate
              Jeremy Hagen
                Jeremy Hagen
                Business Manager
                Summit - Textile Expert
                  Textile Expert


                  Eminent Interior Design has been showcased in local and national media, including:


                  Today Show, KARE 11

                  Interiors by Design, HGTV

                  Room for Change, HGTV

                  I Want That!! Baths, HGTV


                  Midwest Home

                  Minneapolis-St. Paul


                  Fine Furnishings International

                  Window Fashions Design & Education

                  October 2012 – StarTribune – “Kitchens That Sizzle”

                  Cambria Stylemakers for 2014

                  In May 2014, Brandi Hagen was invited to the prestigious Cambria Stylemakers Conference.

                  “Cambria Stylemakers are design professionals chosen for their superior design expertise,” said Pat Kanz, Cambria’s Director of Brand Management. “Our Stylemakers are provided with the opportunity to exchange ideas with their peers and present the latest products and forecasts from their markets.”

                  Kitchen Trends Vol. 28 No. 08 2012

                  Simply Sophisticated: “The crisp, contemporary look makes a bold contrast to the walnut veneer, as does a sleek, minimalist stainless steel island.”

                  View complete feature


                  “I simply loved her work. I’d worked with designers before, but I felt a good connection with Brandi—she’s high energy, enthusiastic and has great ideas. I’m pretty busy, and Brandi was able to fit my schedule, she gave me choices that fit my personality, and made it all happen without any snags. She got it right, and I had a wonderful experience.”

                  — Mary C.


                  “I didn’t want anything trendy. We were stepping up into a luxury condo, and I didn’t want to make any mistakes. We chose Brandi and her team because she put the work into understanding how we lived and finding what we wanted. She did a great job for us. I can’t believe I live here—Brandi got it right, over and over again.”

                  — Susan G.


                  “We had a big remodeling project that I tried to take on by myself, but it became confusing. I brought Brandi in to help and we immediately hit it off. It felt like she could see right into my head—she knew just what I wanted and needed. I expressed who we were, and she listened. We were a perfect design partnership. She worked within our budget, and her team made the project easy, fast and fun.”

                  — Deanne P.


                  “The prospect of remodeling our whole home was overwhelming. I felt with Brandi I could express who we were, and we could understand each other. She would want to tell a story in a room, and I would volunteer an African theme which we love, and she would pull it all together beautifully.”

                  — Pamela S.

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