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Brandi Hagen Principal Designer / Owner

Brandi’s interior design portfolio has a vast array of projects from sleek contemporary to formal traditional. She is currently working on new construction, interior design and remodeling projects with many of the Twin Cities’ top builders and architects. She is an award-winning interior designer based in Minneapolis, MN with more than 15 years of industry experience.

Allison Michel Designer

Allison comes to Eminent with a degree in Interior Design and a  wealth of industry experience. Her primary focus is new construction and remodeling projects. Allison becomes intimately familiar with all of the project details so that she can be the point person (liaison) for the homeowner and contractors. She strives to make each project an enjoyable experience for the client.

Marie Brown Design Associate

Marie came to Eminent with vast knowledge of the Interior Design industry and project coordination. Her organizational skills keep all of the crucial details of our design projects in order. She efficiently keeps the clients abreast of the status of their orders and fluidly coordinates seamless installations. Marie sees to the details so that the end results of Brandi’s concepts are executed perfectly.

Sue Gartner Designer

Sue joins Eminent with over eight years of interior design experience. Her extensive background includes working for an architectural firm, where she learned the ins and outs of the industry. As an expert in furniture, fabrics, and window treatments, Sue forms close relationships with her clients to create livable spaces that reflect their unique needs and personalities.

Jeremy Hagen Business Manager

Jeremy is the manager of all things business in the Eminent office. Covering everything from finances to marketing, he drives EID's overall business strategy. We're so thankful to have Jeremy as our organizer, administrator, and number-cruncher extraordinaire!

Summit Textile Expert

Summit the Dog is not only the friendly office companion at Eminent; he’s also an expert in textiles, furnishings, and flooring! While known for his superior taste, Summit prefers to keep his aesthetic approachable. He believes that upscale design can also be functional, comfortable, and family-friendly.


Interior Design

Interior Design

Creating a Master plan for an entire home or undertaking a single room, the process is the same. Listening to the client and how they LIVE in their spaces. Eminent will create room layouts, present furnishings, fabric selections and paint colors to the finishing touches of art and accessories. We want our clients to sigh with joy and feel completely at home the moment they walk into their new designed space.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

When a homeowner is ready to undertake a Kitchen; it is something they have been thinking about for a long time. We take into account the desire for an updated space but realize that it must; foremost – function. The overall layout of the space is crucial and it’s where we begin but our plans will extend to where you place your serving pieces and stock pots. Eminent appreciates the collaboration with the contractor and cabinetmaker, making the project enjoyable for the homeowner. Once the layout is determined, we can begin to add the “fun” and decorative elements into the design. Eminent will listen to your wishes and needs for your Kitchen and will present inspired finishes that speak to the aesthetics you envisioned.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Visions of tile and toilets are not necessarily what clients dream of when considering an update to a bathroom. Along with Kitchens, they are one of the best investments you can make to add value to your home. Eminent will creatively procure concepts, sort out layout issues and handle spatial concerns by providing a plan that functions and elevations to help you visualize the end result. We aid you in selections from tile down to the toilet to complete a retreat within your own home.

Construction Planning

Construction Planning

We ask questions and listen to not only what client say they want, but also to what they don’t verbalize. It is often difficult for homeowners to explain exactly WHAT they are after for their home. Through an in-depth process we are able to understand the ultimate goals and vision the clients have. We fluidly collaborate with architects and contractors to create a home or space that exceeds the client’s dreams. During the building process, Eminent works closely with the contractor and subs to provide timely answers to the inevitable questions that arise. Communication with all involved is imperative so that deadlines and expectations are met. Eminent Interior Design will perform as your best advocate throughout your project.


The Eminent Interior Design Story

At Eminent Interior Design in Minneapolis, MN we are equal partners with you in design decisions, which enables us to create perfect spaces for the people and things you love. We listen and discover your family's interests and let them guide the design process. Your kitchen, bathroom, or interior design is about your everyday life and passions, this foundational understanding is what makes working with our team easy, rewarding and fun.

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What we do?

Eminent Interior Design in Minneapolis, MN helps architects, contractors, and homeowners fine-tune and perfect interior spaces.

We specialize in two things:
Aesthetics – enhancing beauty, personality and artistry
Usability – making spaces more practical, effortless and easy

Our role is to make life in your home easy, enjoyable, and as satisfying as possible. We think deeply about the granular details of daily living, as well as your family’s individual and collective needs.

Whether we're considering traffic patterns, dining room furnishings, or where to store your vacuum – our focus is always making your home a simultaneously practical and beautiful place to live. We are experts at turning a multitude of design complexities into simple outcomes that both you and your home will love.